Lathyrus Theatre

Linder has been a teaching artist with Lathyrus Theatre since 2015. Through Lathyrus she directed the drama program at John Stanford International School, and choreographed musical numbers for plays at Bryant Elementary and Jane Addams Middle School. Linder values a process based experience that focuses on the development of voice, movement, and imagination. Lathyrus Theatre is supported by Sweet Pea Cottage Enterprises.

Beijing Theater Exchange

In 2016 Linder had the pleasure of co-directing a theater exchange with a group of students from Beijing, China. In a two-week period, Linder worked with the students on several focal points of drama technique including development of the voice, physicality, imagination, set design, and costuming. Each two-week workshop culminated in the performance of a 10 minute play written by local playwright, Edward Mast. The program is supported by Carmel Baird and Sweet Pea Cottage Preschool of the Arts, and in partnership with Ease Drama in Beijing.